Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Koala & Kangaroo on eBay until 12/01/10

I have been BEARY busy so far this year. I am in design mode once again - creating a  Brand New look for M. E. Bears.
Keep watching for Pandas, a New look Golly, an Open mouth Bear plus MORE.

In the Meantime you will find Keven Koala and Kelly Kangaroo on eBay.  Search for     mebears07

I look forward to catching up with all my bear friends again this year and wish to thank everyone patience and  support as I learnt the ropes on eBay and my Website.


  1. They are a lovely pair...
    I am intrigued by these pieces of bottle corks hanging from the koala's hat. Have they got a special meaning?


  2. Hi Sophie
    I am glad this pair is creating so much interest. About 100 years ago a bright spark was tied of chasing flies - see in Australia we have sticky bush flies especially around harvest time. So he attached corks to his hat and he get about his work.
    Bear Hugs


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