Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why Do We Make Artist Bears?

I would  like to share with everyone why I started to make my little critters and I would love to know what made YOU start making bears and critters.
My story begins in 1994, when my Specialist Physician suggested I take up a hobby to take my mind off the pain I was in. Shortly afterwards I spotted a magazine in a newsagent with bears on it.
I bought some synthetic fur from the Fabric Shop and made my very first bear. Early in 1995 I found Gerry's Teddy & Craft Supplies and bought some much nicer synthetic and made M. E. Bear. Below is me and this bear.
  I found the stuffing very hard on my joints and very quickly tried making some tiny little bears. I met Loris Hancock at her Gold Coast house and she gave me heaps of encouragement and sold me my first mini bear fabrics. 
These are my very first mini bears. The green one my hubby wore everywhere on his hat! The mohair pink one Loris said was SUPER for my very first miniature bear I ever made! {Isn't it awful!}

I cannot trade at the Bear Shows because of my limitations. So I concentrated on selling to Bear Shops down the East Coast of Australia. Sadly most of these have closed down now. Then about 12 months ago I started to learn to use the internet and one thing lead to another and the next think I know is I have a website, blog as well as  selling on eBay. I am enjoying meeting so many lovely people.
I don't want any pity but just a little understanding that I can have some really bad days when I cannot think clearly enough to work a computer. But making bears has saved my life and given me an interest to take my mind off the pain. I have literally made thousands of bears over the years and they have gone all across the world to new homes. 
Please share YOUR story!
Hugs Wendy

I  have a gorgeous little tiny bear called Abner on an eBay auction right now. This finishes on Tuesday 28th. He is just 2.75" tall and is my first tiny traditional bear. He reminds me of a 100 year old bear. Good luck!


  1. Miss Wendy,

    We love M.E. Bear to pieces. Your two minis are WONDERFUL.

    You are in good bears love our humans and know when they need extra special loving.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence & Sissy

  2. Hi Wendy
    Left a comment last night (or thought I had)! Does not seem to be here so let's try again.
    Making bears is therapeutic, takes your mind off problems. Miniatures are a lot easier on your hands.
    I started making bears when my daughter bought her first artist bear way back in 1992, caught the bug and here I am still creating.

  3. Hi Wendy,
    I knew most of that story already, but I have always been curious about the M. E. and how you came to call yourself that.
    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  4. Thank you for your lovely messages. Don't forget to add why YOU started to make bears too!
    Hugs Wendy XXXOOO

  5. I Love first bears!!!! I still have my first two...the first one was to see if I could actually make a mini bear....the other was finally made with the proper material!!!

  6. My obsession for bear making started a bit on the odd side.
    I woke up one morning, about 4 years ago, and saw my late mom's sewing machine (which I don't have) in the window. It seemed to really be there, but of course it wasn't. Nothing was! But within moments I knew I wanted to not only sew, but make teddy bears. My mom made clothing, not bears, and I never had one growing up. So my love affair with the teddy is fairly new, and fast growing.
    I'll never stop making bears, I truly love it!♥

  7. Thanks for sharing your story, Laura! I believe in our Guardian Angels showing us the way - and yours thought you'd like to sew. Mine showed me a bear magazine in a newsagents.
    Hugs Wendy

  8. Hi Wendy
    It's really good to hear that you find bearmaking beneficial. I have sleep apnoea myself,and find bear making really helps when little else does! So glad you found my blog.
    Sue (TeddyBuys)

  9. Hay Wendy,

    Your bears are so cute and sweet!
    I am follow your blog...

    Sweet greetings,


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