Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Bear Scout - has M. E. Bears

Felicia Hymer, The Bear Scout will be 
at the The Phoenix teddy bear show this weekend.
These are some of the critters she will 
have on her table.
Of course they are all miniatures.
Tell Felicia that Wendy sent you!


Pink Bunny

Reverse Panda

Tiny Cornflower Bear


  1. Thanks Kay! I am pretty sure the doggie will be adopted! I will let you know how they go. It is a huge privilege that Felicia has chosen to sell my little bears in the USA.
    HUGS Wendy xxx

  2. The Pomeranian is wonderful! Wow!

  3. Thank you Debora! He is soft like the bunnies.
    HUGS Wendy xx


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