Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dudley My New Design For 2012

I am so beary excited to introduce my
BEAR CUB design for 2012. This just might 
be another Toby Award in the making!!
 Dudley is just 4 inches tall, and can be posed
in many different ways. He is 5 way 
jointed and has armature in his limbs.
 I had so much fun photographing him - 
he is so photogenic.
 You have to feel his fur to appreciate how
soft and fur like it is - it is actually French 
Tissavel Faux Fur.
 Dudley is playing hide and seek!
 "Look at me MUM!"
 "Did you say I am already adopted?"
Looks like Dudley has found a new home, but
do let me know if you would like a similar bear.
I have two similar bears on face book and 
hope to list them in my webstore in a few days.
Of course they can be adopted straight from Facebook 
and save me lots of work!


  1. Thanks guys....I love the baby critter look....
    I have been working on this design for 2 years and FINALLY have it about how I like it!


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