Friday, June 8, 2012

The Bear Scout - M. E. Bears for Japan Show

Felicia Hymer, AKA The Bear Scout, is going to
JAPAN in July for a huge Bear Convention. WOW!!!! 
Lucky lady! I am so excited for Felicia and for my little
miniature creations that are right now
on a plane flying across the Pacific Ocean
to Buckeye, Arizona in the USA! 
Maybe they will stop in to visit my friends 
in Hawaii on the way!

"Bear" The Samoyed Doggie


"Chantelle" the Doggie

"Indigo" the Panda


Bunny Brooch
I hope they are all on their beary best behaviour on their
plane flight. They have plenty of honey, milk and 
biscuits to last their journey. Felicia wont be able to find
any trace of crumbs by the time she opens the box.....
And hopefully they managed to keep their fur clean!

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