Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New M. E. Bears Mini Critters

Here we go! I have finished the little guys
that I shared in my last blog post.  Bunny was snapped
up on Facebook and the Polar Bear is
a commission. 
Purple furbear and doggie at the front are still
available for adoption. I just have to upload to 
my webstore.....if I ever get off Blogger and
Facebook! Sorry but I just love "Talking" with 
my fingers. 

And I am now making a tiny 2.5 inch Jack
Russell doggie. Will keep you all posted!

I am rather hating the cold weather down here in
Australia, but I guess at least summer will come
around quickly enough again!
My good friends in England and Germany are 
complaining they are not having a summer this year!
Keep well and safe until next time I am back...
who knows when THAT will be!
{{{{HUGS}}}} Wendy xx


  1. A very cute hug of animals. Love the little purple bear.

  2. Thanks Kay! My fav was the amime bunny, but he is going to a lovely home!
    HUGS Wendy
    P.S. I hope you are keeping warm!

  3. They are all lovely Wendy! My favourite is the anime bunny too..
    Summer is a washout here in Britain, but hopefully it will get better. Hope you are well.

  4. Thanks Hillary! How have you been, I have not heard from you for ages!! Winter in Oz has been cold and wet so I don't know just who is getting all the sun.
    Good bear making weather!
    (((HUGS))) Wendy xxx


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