Bear Cub Has been Adopted!

Jasminum Bear Cub

Jasminum is a hand sewn miniature bear constructed with long, and soft imported French Tissavel fur. This fur is a pretty fuscia pink with dark tips. She is 5 way disc and cotter pin jointed and stands just 4 inches tall. She sees through blue hand painted glass eyes.

 Her nose is hand embroidered using black cotton then her face and pawpads were extensively needle and scissor sculpted and completed with delicate shading.
 She wears a sheer white and gold ribbon with an enamel bell around her neck. Jasminum is firmly filled with premium polyester fibre and some steel shot in her belly so she sits nicely into the palm of your hand. She has a sewn in satin toosh label, a swing tag authenticating she was made in Australia as a one of a kind as well, as a Toby Award charm.
 This French Tissavel Faux Fur is designed to mimic the appearance and texture of real animal fur ( NO ANIMAL WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS FABRIC ). This is an ELEGANT fabric using the most sought after faux fur, its almost real style and it's extreme softness. It also has a special backing to hold the furs together using special techniques, Definitely no shredding!
Shee has armature in his arms and legs so she can be posed in many ways!

"Hey there is Dudley and Tristan!"
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                                                Sorry but she has been adopted!