Bunny Has Been Adopted

Cupcake was adopted and is going to live 
in New Zealand. Please let me know if you
would like one similar made just for you!
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 “Cupcake” is a hand sewn realistic looking miniature  bunny constructed with long, and soft imported French Tissavel faux fur. The colour of her silky fur is a pretty fawn, and her head is disc and cotter pin jointed. Faith stands just 7cm tall plus her ears. She sees through amber glass eyes, and her nose/mouth is hand embroidered using pink cotton. Cupcake is firmly filled with premium polyester fibre and some steel shot in her belly so she snuggles right into the palm of your hand.
Her face and body has been extensively needle and scissor sculpted and completed with delicate shading. Her cute whiskers are genuine horse hair and her paw pads/inner ears are soft ultra suede.
Her paw pads have also been needle sculpted and shaded.
She wears a pretty yellow silk ribbon and green bell around her neck. Cupcake comes with a swing tag, a sewn in satin toosh tag and a little Toby Award charm – so you know she is made with award winning design and workmanship. She would be a wonderfully different miniature bunny for your collection or a great  present for some one you love..
This French Tissavel Faux Fur is designed to mimic the appearance and texture of real animal fur ( NO ANIMAL WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS FABRIC ). This is an ELEGANT fabric using the most sought after faux fur, its almost real style and it's extreme softness. It also has a special backing to hold the furs together using special techniques, Definitely no shredding!

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