History of M. E. Bears

 M. E. Bears were first created in 1994 in Queensland Australia.  Originally   I worked with any  material  I could lay my hands on from fur coats to synthetic fur  from a craft store.  I promptly decided that miniatures  were going to be  my forte  and started to work on my  initial  designs.  Then one day I was excited to  read in a craft magazine  you could actually purchase fabrics  just for bears!  This was a massive  turning  point  for M. E. Bears. The short pile mohair and  mini bear fabrics were so easy to hand sew.

Making my Bears, and Critters is such a pleasure – I   get  so excited when I see 
their new little faces looking back at me.  My creations have travelled   to live all over the world and  when they are adopted I feel like a part of me has gone with them. They are completely hand stitched by myself with love and   are fully jointed – even my tiny 1/12 scale bears.  I only use quality fabrics - mohair, sassy fur, French Synthetics, as well as vintage long pile fur, wool felt and ultra suede.   I spend a great deal of time dyeing  some of  these materials for a more                                  individual appearance.

I have won many local awards at Winter Wonderland as well as at the Garden City Bear Show.  My Creations have been featured in Teddy Bear Times, Teddy Bears And Friends, Australian Bear Creations, Australian Dolls, Bears & Collectables,  and  Australian Doll Digest.  I am also a feature writer for England’s Teddy Bear Times magazine promoting Australian Bear Artists and Bear Shops.

2012 has been another exciting year for  M. E. Bears.  I have been kept  busy  working on  brand new miniature designs including many dog breeds. The last two years  I have entered critters in some of the international bear awards competitions.  I was nominated for the 2011 Sydney People's Choice Awards and am  ecstatic  to have been nominated and to win my section in the 2011 ABC Awards!  Also in 2012 I have won a Toby Industry Choice Award as well an Excellence in Bear Artistry Award. And to top off the year I have won an URSA Award which was then voted best in category by the public choice!

My favourite sized critter  to make is between 3 and 4 inches – I can take the pieces to  sew while at the doctors or hairdressers or any where really because I just cannot sit and do nothing.
I hope you will enjoy looking at my  bears and critters as much as I do creating them!