Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bear Artists....Hoarders of Supplies....."Just in Case"

"Rabbiting Supplies Away For 
A Rainy Day"

I don't think I am on my own {well I hope not} when I admit that I cannot help 
myself and buy more and more bear supplies!

This is the "linen cupboard" or at least it was!

Top shelf I have enough mohair to make little bears for another ten years!

Then there is a basket of vintage long pile fabrics.
Then an assortment of vintage mohair and wool for needle felting 
{if I ever get back into felting}

And then I have a nice supply of Sassy Fur and wool felts all nicely dyed .

The bottom shelf is where the "why the heck did I buy that?" 
stuff don't need to see that shelf....

I also have two chest of drawers full of everything from eyes, to joints,
and ribbons and.....................

I would love to hear what you think about my rabbiting habbit!



  1. Hi Miss Wendy,

    You are correct, you never know when you will need just that one little piece of something.

    We like to say that teddy artists are always prepared when creating. (o: Sounds good, huh?

    Hugs & have a wonderful weekend.

    Prudence & Sissy
    (Mom too)

  2. I am an avid hoarder,I used to have a spare bedroom for company but now its full of supplies for anything I decide to do. Even things I havn't tried yet but want to when I find the time. I cant go past a second hand store without popping in to see what I might find that I have to have.(LOL)
    Keep collecting and have fun.

  3. Me, too! I have enough of everything.. and yet I don't! I never stop shopping for bear supplies. We are all just a little bit wacky!♥

  4. Well guys thanks for all making ME feel a bit more normal. I neglected to mention all the old suitcases full of vintage fabrics, lace, ribbon, buttons..............oh dear!
    AND I complain to my husband about his old rusty bits and pieces...LOL.
    Warm Bear & Rabbit Hugs

  5. Hello there and thanks for popin into my blog and informing me of your post... I am not a hoarder myself... I have no problem getting rid of stuff... only thing is then I find NEW stuff to replace the empty space. I feel that ARTISTS like you and I need variety and choice and in that we often find inspiration and creativity. So unlike some mediums we NEED more stuff!

    In this particular case of why I have so many bears built up, I am getting ready for the November bear show but other than that there's no hoarding here. I don't think you're a hoarder at all... simply put, you are an artist with very specific needs. Your organization of your shelf seems perfect with your WHY DID I BUY THIS STUFF at the bottom... and I believe one day you will know exactly WHY you purchased that stuff. You will make a bear and need jus that thing in that box. HOARDER you say... GOOD PLANNING is what I have to say back.. hahahaha. Have a wonderful day and enjoy your stuff!

  6. I'm so jealous Wendy (lol) wish I had such a fab supply : ( My mohair fits in a large plastic box, I would love to have all that material. We don't have a lot of space where we live so it has to be on a buy it when you need it strategy. Mind you I have just bought 3/4 of a metre of assorted Schulte mohair so I have a good supply in now for a bit.
    Good luck with your stock, at least you won't be short of material for new bears for a while. : )

  7. Just moved from Belgium to Kampala, my husband works here for 5 years at the Embassy...Got a loveley house...and oh my god, half the container was filled in with bits and pieces for my bears....almost 25 boxes of supplies.....maybe I can start a shop here (lol)....I will post pict on FB....
    Hugs,Nana Bears

  8. Hi Wendy

    Oh my you weren't kidding were you. I am a hoarder as well just can't help myself I have "stuff" everywhere. I am always thinking I can do this or do that when I see things can't resist mohair /doll stuff or anyuthing that I think is pretty lol....... thanks for the visit to my blog. Raewyn

  9. Oh so am I, enough to last me more than a lifetime and still I can't resist buying more!!!!!!!The thing is making little bears you don't even need a lot so why do I buy huge pairs of vintage curtains and double bedspreads LOL xx

  10. im a right hoarder,fabrics in particular,but lots of random thing too,i just cant help myself,but its getting to the stage when i cant find anything,so i need to have a good sort out,lol x


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