Saturday, August 18, 2012

"Engibear's Dream" Book is now available!

 I recently had the pleasure of designing and making a bear for Engineer Andrew King.  
Andrew has written a children's book about a bear who is an engineer.
Engibear 1
These little guys are about 5 inches tall and all three have different grins.
Engibear 2
 One was made for Andrew, another for his wife, and the third 
was for the illustrator Ben Johnston. 
Engibear 3

I was commissioned to replicate the bear from
the cover of the book as closely as possible.
Engibear Back

Engibear Book Cover
This children's book is available worldwide from the publisher.
It will also be available in Korean soon.

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  1. Hi Wendy! Ben, the illustrator's, wife here. You did a great job on the little Engibears! We have a hard time keeping the children from playing with him. Just a small favour to ask of you - could you please correct the spelling of Ben's last name to JohnsTon? Thanks!


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